It's not just about fundraising any more.

The nonprofit world is profoundly different than even a few years ago.  More organizations than ever compete for the philanthropic dollar, with twenty to thirty thousand new nonprofits started each year.  Many important institutions in our culture—libraries, park systems, public schools—have entered the charitable world as well, relying on donations for a significant percentage of revenue.  

After a few rough years, with charitable contributions declining for the first time since records have been kept, things are looking up.  Markets are booming, and economic optimism is on the rise as well.  Nonetheless, many of the small businesses and middle-income people who are the core supporters of most local nonprofits continue to struggle.  And ways of giving are changing rapidly, for donors large and small.  Venture philanthropy?  Crowdfunding?  Words we learned just moments ago may hold the key to the future for many nonprofits.  

So business as usual is simply not an option. Organizational leaders are asking questions both philosophical and tactical:  Is our mission still relevant? How can we be more effective? Is the community aware of our work? Do we have the right board? How can we attract new supporters? Do we have untapped potential?  Are we ready for the future?

Chanticleer is here to guide nonprofit leaders through these troubled times.  With consultants who are both experienced and innovative, we can offer a wide range of services to meet a wide range of needs.  Like traditional fundraising consulting firms, Chanticleer has deep expertise in capital campaigns, feasibility studies, major and planned gifts, and annual fund.  Our view, however, is that successful fundraising is not an end in itself, but an organic product of a healthy organization. A nonprofit with a sound mission, sound programs, sound governance and sound communications will be financially successful.  Chanticleer is here to get you there. 

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Chanticleer principals John Olberding and Lisa Williams assembled experts from across the nonprofit world for this insightful look at present and future trends.  
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Need to know more about working with your board?  

Following the current semester's Strategic Planning course, Chanticleer's Lisa Barnwell Williams will again be teaching online with the University of Massachusetts' Arts Extentension Service this summer. Lisa explains her approach to Board Development in the The course is available both on campus in Amherst and online.  To learn more about Lisa's expectations for the course, read the Arts Extension newsletter,  here.