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Chanticleer's principals and affiliated experts speak frequently, from small workshops and training sessions to keynotes before large audiences.  Topics appropriate for both specialized and general audiences are available, and include:

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If you're looking for inspiration, the stories of Sweet Briar College and San Diego surely fit the bill. 

Effective blogging....lessons we all should learn. 

A terrific, short summary of what every nonprofit considering a crowdfunding campaign needs to know, including suggestions for further reading.

Your kids don't party the same way as their grandparents; why should they give the same way?  A fascinating look at generational differences.

Plan ahead!  Some easy steps to take now to ensure an effective, enthusiastic board in the future.

Many nonprofits seek transformational leadership at the board level to address critical issues relating to mission, management, and the constantly changing competitive environment.  This expert offers some interesting insights into why such leadership is so hard to find. 

The role of charitable and community-benefit organizations in our culture and economy is evolving, as everyone in the nonprofit world is aware.  This interesting - and potentially influential - take on "Anti-Capitalism" gets some things right, but raises many questions as well.

Is there a better way?  As proposals to eliminate the charitable tax deduction crop up year after year, perhaps it's time to consider if there are ways to motivate giving even more effectively through tax policy.

Are your board members nervous about fundraising?  Talk about it, think about it, and practice, practice, practice.  Try this exercise at your next retreat  (or, of course, call Chanticleer to facilitate a great training session!)

Some things we're thinking about right now: